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Is it possible to have the education that cuts across the heart and mind? Can there be a holistic education whereby the cognitive domain as well as effective and psychomotor are well affected?

Answers to the above are on the AFFIRMATIVE! And can be obtained at HUMBLE LIGHT INT'L SCHOOLS.

HLIS exist to provide the godly environment which aids learning, harness potentials, imbue the creativity for true greatness and build in the learners the capacity for holistic relevance.

NOTE: With the aim of making a
distinctive impact and fostering the spiritual, Academic, physical and emotional development of every child, we aim at raising purpose-driven children, thereby empowering learners with the
unction to function in our world riddled with challenges.

HLIS is indeed committed to the training of the total child i.e. to be complete mentally, be cared for spiritually, nourished physically and be guided socially.
By and large, we build in the learners the capacity for holistic relevance.

*Mission Statement*
1. To press in the heart of students the Paramount importance of Righteousness and godly living through systematic discipleship.

2. To give the foundational teaching of English language from the basics.

3. To cause learning take place through practical ways by making use of visuals in transmitting knowledge thereby eradicating phobia of some dreaded subjects.

4. To expose learners with others from various fields of life, and other dignitaries who passed through pressing challenges before arriving at the "success levels".

5. To get learners participate on internal and external quiz, debates, mathematics/English/Science/ Arts competitions, thereby Inculcating the right attitude of adequate preparedness towards examination as to sit for exams unassisted.

6. To give students pre-direction and godly counsel for various field of studies and making career choices earlier thereby laying the solid foundation for senior secondary.

Our main audience are the creche's, Pre-school, Reception and Basic Classes. Note: Basic 7-9 is inclusive i.e. the junior secondary students (J. S. S 1-3).
This is to prepare the foundation for the senior secondary school and by extension, tertiary education respectively.

In our Christian co-educational school, we place
premium on the teaching of all government approved subjects coupled with some other unique British scheme.

* Montessori system is also a bonus to our Pre-school classes.

* We also run a viable practical music and ICT classes


23rd September 2013


Girls & Boys

Building the capacity for holistic Relevance

What we offer

HUMBLE LIGHT INT'L SCHOOLS currently offers the following levels of education....


Care and fun for your babies


Basic education for the toddlers


Complete primary education

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HUMBLE LIGHT INT'L SCHOOLS is fully equipped with standard and latest facilities to give your children a complete training experience.

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Computer Lab.

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