Guru Pals College

55a Lanre Adeyemi Street, Iyana Ipaja,
Lagos State, Nigeria.

About us

Guru Pals College offers an online secondary education (homeschool) in collaboration with other existing and physically established secondary school where our students shall take necessary practical exercises and external examinations like BECE and SSCE/WAEC.

Vision Statement:

"To be the premier online secondary education provider, empowering students with the knowledge, skills, and values to lead and excel in an ever-evolving world. Our vision is a future where education is the catalyst for positive change."

Mission Statement:

"Our mission at [Institution Name] is to provide accessible, high-quality online secondary education that fosters personal growth, critical thinking, and leadership in students. Guided by the principle that 'Education Leads,' we commit to:

1. Empowerment: Equipping students with the tools they need to take charge of their futures, make informed decisions, and become lifelong learners.

2. Excellence: Delivering rigorous and engaging curriculum, leveraging the latest technology, and employing exceptional educators to ensure academic and personal growth.

3. Inclusivity: Creating an inclusive and diverse learning community where every student is valued, respected, and supported to achieve their full potential.

4. Innovation: Embracing continuous improvement and innovation in teaching, learning, and technology to adapt to changing educational needs.

5. Community Impact: Instilling a sense of responsibility and leadership in our students, so they become active contributors to their communities and agents of positive change.

6. Global Citizenship: Preparing students to be informed, ethical, and compassionate global citizens, capable of understanding and addressing complex, global challenges.

7. Collaboration: Collaborating with parents, teachers, and the wider community to create a supportive and enriching learning environment.

Through our unwavering commitment to these principles, we strive to lead the way in online secondary education, fostering a brighter future for our students and the world."


October 27th, 2023


Girls & Boys

Innovative & Quality Education

What we offer

Guru Pals College currently offers the following levels of education....


Advance education for the teenagers.

Our Facilities

Guru Pals College is fully equipped with standard and latest facilities to give your children a complete training experience.

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