RCCG, COG Building, 5, Hassan Street, Ikosi, Ketu, Ikosi,
Lagos State, Nigeria.

About us

Topsprings Schools was founded in the year 2018. It started off as a Crèche located in a serene environment in Ikosi Ketu. We adopt Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) with an application of Montessori teaching approach and Nigeria curriculum. The crèche has evolved to a Nursery and Basic School which comprise a Crèche (babies from 6 weeks to 1 year), a Playgroup (children between 1 – 2 years), a Reception Class (children between 2 – 3 years), the Nursery Section (ages 3 – 5) and the Primary Section which started later in the year. The Reception and Nursery classes make up the Pre-school.

At Topsprings Schools, we want to be known as the foremost school for quality and standard education as well as a grooming ground where children are raised and nurtured to be God-fearing leaders of now and the future. This is captured in our Vision, Mission and Core values.

Our vision is to holistically raise and nurture each child to imbibe learning, values and confidence to excel globally. Our vision reflects our values: Professionalism, Oneness, Integrity, Service and Excellence.

Our mission is to build excellence in each child, we will promote continuous learning in an atmosphere where each child’s potential is fully developed to be God-fearing leaders from childhood and beyond.

Professionalism: we strive to be professional at what we do – child care and teaching
Oneness: at Topsprings Schools we work as a team with a definite objective in mind.
Integrity: at the centre of our service delivery and relations to our stakeholders is integrity. We deal with our children, parent, caregivers and all based on integrity as contained in the word of God.
Service: we seek to serve our children, parents and all other stakeholders in the best possible way.
Excellence: we make EXCELLENCE our watchword in every service delivery.


29th January, 2018


Girls & Boys

Learning in care and in love

What we offer

TOPSPRINGS SCHOOLS currently offers the following levels of education....


Care and fun for your babies


Basic education for the toddlers


Complete primary education

Our Facilities

TOPSPRINGS SCHOOLS is fully equipped with standard and latest facilities to give your children a complete training experience.

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  • RCCG, COG Building, 5, Hassan Street, Ikosi, Ketu, Ikosi, Lagos State, Nigeria.
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