BellaVita Developmental Inclusive (Special Needs, Nursery, & Primary) School ( BEDIS)

12/15 Balogun-Etti street, Seaside Estate, off Addo/Badore Road, , Ajah,
Lagos State, Nigeria.

About us

BEDIS is an inclusive elementary school that offers a unique opportunity in Special needs, Nursery, & Primary education for both reqular and special needs children within ETI-OSA EAST LCDA( Badore, Langbasa,) Ajah communities, to obtain the right type of educational development, as well as provide easy access to school-based therapeutic management of our pupils, especially children with developmental challenges and learning dellays such as aultism. down sydrome , cerberal palsy, dyslexia etc.. The school setting allows and encorages the children to mingle with one another, thus promotes the social inclusion and integration of the special needs nto mainstream society,. to make them become more functional, independent, and productive individuals.

However. our integrated transition programs provide i)Early Childhood/Pre-School Education, ii) Basic1-6 Levels Education for both special needs and regular children depending on their exhibited needs . Our efforts are yielding positive results. in meeting the psychological and psychosocial demands of both children with special and regular needs. through our holistic teaching approaches that incorporates non-pharmacological therapeutic activities; specifically woven into individual child’s learning plan, with the support of our multi-disciplinary professionals (special needs educators. occupational and speech therapists) and in collaboration with parents/guardians.

To be the solution that stimulate, nurture, and educate children with special and regular learning needs, developmental and behavioral challenges to become functional, independent, and interdependent members of the society.

To bridge the gaps in the educational, psychosocial development, and therapeutic interventions of special and regular needs children, teenagers and their families in order to ehnhance self-awareness, promote problem solving skills, and increase the positive emotional-social well-being of the children and sustain healthy families in the communities.


September 2017


Girls & Boys

---support for children with special and regular needs

What we offer

BellaVita Developmental Inclusive (Special Needs, Nursery, & Primary) School ( BEDIS) currently offers the following levels of education....


Basic education for the toddlers


Complete primary education

Our Facilities

BellaVita Developmental Inclusive (Special Needs, Nursery, & Primary) School ( BEDIS) is fully equipped with standard and latest facilities to give your children a complete training experience.

Student Library

Computer Lab.

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