Salvation Science Secondary School

ritchak kudong, Boi,
Bauchi State, Nigeria.

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NAME OF SCHOOL: Salvation Science secondary school Boi.
REASON OF THE NAME: to salvage souls both spiritually and academically.
YEAR ESTABLISHED: 13TH September 2004.
LOCATION: salvation science secondary school is located in Ritchak Kudong, Boi district, Bogoro Local government area, Bauchi State, between latitude 30 and longitude 40 north.
TOTAL LAND AREA: approximately, the school has a total land of 300m by 400m.
PHONE NUMBERS: 08068111191, 081178166544, 07033966662.
MOTTO: Knowledge and faith is power.
PROPRIETRESS: Mrs. Christiana S. Nymbas an educationist, a woman who did not allow the vision of her husband to die, continued from where he stopped.
Mrs. ChristianaS. Nymbas graduated from the University of Jos as a degree holder (B/ED), she was a school supervisor before she retired from the government.
She had that say in mind that, “when you educate a woman you educate the nation???. so she picked up from that and had the courage to continue with the vision of her late husband who was the pioneer proprietor of the school.
PRINCIPAL: the name of the present principal is Mr Haruna Iliya.
VISION: To train and bring up children who fear God and to help children from its catchment areas to be pace settlers with the present scientific era.
MISSION: (1) To equip children from its catchment areas with the necessary knowledge, insights and skills to do well in life and to contribute to the well-being of the society both spiritually and physically.
(2) To present scientific contents, curriculum, process and knowledge to children that will help them to understand the world around them and beyond.
(3) To train and prepare children with the scientific habits of the mind which will enable them to apply the scientific approaches to solving problems through critical and creative thinking.
The school has six classrooms, a laboratory, a staff room, administrative block, examination hall and a computer room/library under construction and two toilets.
MODE OF OPERATION: It is a day school.
EQUIPMENT, FURNITURE/FACILITIES: It has good number of desks, chairs, tables, science laboratory equipments, textbooks, instructional materials, boards (both black and white).
The school started with a total number of 13 students but at present the school has a population 230 students both boys and girls.
Academic staff-15
Non academic-5
SOURCE OF INCOME: School fees and PTA generated from students termly.
EXPENDITURE: The school spends its money in the following ways:
1. Staff salaries
2. Structures
3. First aid
4. Teaching and learning materials.
ACADEMIC ACHIEVMENT: The school has graduated five (5) sets from inception to date, below are summaries of the results.
2012 76% 79%
2013 95% 88%
2014 87% 94%
2015 98% 99%
2016 95% yet to be released

EXTRA CURRICULAR: These include: football, handball, volley ball, debating club, talk show club, drama and several musical activities.
SCHOOL CURRICULUM (SUBJECTS TAKEN IN THE SCHOOL): We offer sciences, arts and social sciences.
BANK: The school operates with FCMB Bank and UBA Bank.

1. Mr. Damina Sara 2004-2005
2. Mrs. Alice Alanyo 2005-2009
3. Mr. Pofi Tapse 2010-2012
4. Mr. Monday B. Magaji 2012-2014
5. Mr. Haruna Iliya 2014-date

BOARD OF GOVERNORS: The current list of board of governors includes:
1. Mr. Ibrahim Mayel
2. Hon. Ayuba Kyauta
3. Hon. Hassana Arkila
4. Mrs. Rhoda Gomper
5. Hon. Elisha T. Gwamis
6. Chief Iliya Suna
7. Registrar yusuf Nasco
ASSISTANCE: The school usually assists orphans and less privileged students with school fees, WEAC and NECO registration fees. This is done through offer of scholarships.
1. Parent teachers association (PTA) exists in the school with cordial working relationship between the school authority and the PTA.
2. Press club
3. Peace club
4. Fellowship of Christian students (FCS).
5. Young Christian Students (YCS).


13th september 2004


Girls & Boys

Knowledge and Faith is Power

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Salvation Science Secondary School currently offers the following levels of education....


Advance education for the teenagers.

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  • ritchak kudong, Boi, Bauchi State, Nigeria.
  • 08068111191, 08117816654, 07033966662