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What is NAPPSNG.ORG all about?

Is a web application which will serve as a central platform that will contain all the information of private Schools, information about the proprietors/proprietress, principals, school phone numbers, staffs, address and location of all private schools in Nigeria.

Can anyone add School?

No, is only school register under NAPPS that can be added

How can I add my School?

The Proprietors portal enables the proprietors to create their own portal for their school(s). Through this, the school information will be available on the school directory system, giving the public access to the school details.

Is Proprietors Portal registration for free?

Proprietors are expected to pay an annual fee to NAPPS to obtain their scratch card which will enable them have access to the proprietors portal.

How can I create my proprietor Portal?

Purchase the NAPPS proprietors scratch card and visit, fill in all the required information and follow the instructions.

Where can I purchase proprietor’s scratch card?

Visit any of the NAPPS office in your state, or contact us at

Can I use one scratch card to add more than three schools?

Yes, if the schools are the same name and the same town.

After I add my school to the school directory, how long will it take to be added in the school list?

Immediately you submit your details.

Can I update my school profile at any time?

Yes, login with you user name and password, and click on edit profile

I mistakenly scratch off some digit numbers on my card?

Email the serial number on your card, the pin numbers that are clear to you, your phone number to or contact us


If you have any more questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact us.