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Nurturing for national development

The National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) is the apex association of private school owners in Nigeria. NAPPS was created to promote the welfare and interaction of proprietors of private schools and the advancement of quality educational services in the country.

The proprietors of private schools at an educational stakeholders meeting held at Abuja, took advantage of the meeting to discuss the need for/and the inauguration of a national association.

At subsequent meetings of presidents of associations of private schools from the states of the federation held at Abuja on Thursday 25th November 2005, the formation of the proposed national association and the name National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) was approved.The association has been served by well respected and highly placed individuals. Past presidents includes PRINCE TAYO ADEPEGBA, DR SAIDU MIJINYAWA, DR P.C.O. OKOH (late) and DR RABIU KURFI .

Our Mission

We strive to be the incubator of knowledge and orientation required to provide and create the change needed for national development and transformation

Our Vision

We are committed to the comprehensive education and nurturing of the Nigerian child for functional quality living and nation building

Our Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Equity
  • Religious tolerance
  • Discipline
  • Integrity
  • Patriotism

Aims & Objectives

To assist the Governments and peoples of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the provision of world class educational administration, delivery of quality education, maintenance of appropriate standards and global best practices.

To cooperate with government at all levels and any similar or any relevant organization for the general progress, protection and welfare of the Nigerian child and education development of the nation.

To promote the advancement of quality educational services in Nigeria.

To promote self-regulatory functions and oversight in the operations of private schools in the country and act as a liaison body between the association and the government for evolving conductive educational polices and quality control of private schools in the federation.

To consider, express views on all proposed legislation, national and international issues with regards to socio-political, economic and educational delivery system in Nigeria and beyond.

To promote the welfare and interaction of private schools proprietors in the country.

To keep members abreast of developments, new trends, teaching methods and aids by ensuring quality professional publications, workshops, seminars and conferences for teachers and administrators.

To promote collaboration between the Governments at all levels, their educational agencies and the private sector educational service providers. To partner with governments at all levels in the area of policy formulation, development, implementation, quality control and evaluation of the implication of policies.


That I, a professional educator, pledge to put service above self in all my decisions concerning knowledge delivery, to make quality my prime thought, avoiding discrimination in recruitments and admissions.

That I, a professional educator, resolve to be fair and transparent in all decisions in my daily work, and in earnest live a life of honour, promoting honesty, trustworthiness, hard work and faith. So help me God

So help me God